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Cylindra Beets and Greens

Cylindra Beets

We planted Cylindra beets this summer.  Cylindra beets are a Sydney’s Green Garden specialty seed.

three beautiful Cylindra beets
Cylindra beets

They grew beautifully this year.  As you can see, they grew big and juicy!

Did you know you can cook the greens too?  Beet greens are delicious and taste like spinach when sautéed.

Here’s a basic recipe:


1 pound beet greens (2 large or 3 small bunches)

1 to 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, to taste

2 garlic cloves, minced

Freshly ground pepper

Salt, dash


Bring a large pot of water to a boil while you stem the greens and wash the leaves in 2 rinses of water. When the water comes to a boil, add 1 tablespoon of salt and the greens. Blanch for 2 minutes, until tender. Transfer immediately to a bowl of ice water, then drain and squeeze the water out. Chop coarsely.

Heat the oil over medium heat in a large, heavy nonstick skillet. Add the garlic – stir until the garlic is translucent for 30 to 60 seconds. Stir in the greens. Stir until the greens are seasoned with garlic and oil for 1 to 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, remove from the heat, and serve.


Instead of blanching the beet greens, rinse well and add them to the olive oil, salt and garlic.  They will cook down.  It may be tasty enough you won’t need the garlic.


Lemon wedges for fresh lemon juice

Parmesan cheese


What a great added treat above and beyond the beets themselves!


We hope you plan to grow some beets next summer – they’re easy to grow in containers from seed.

Sydney’s Green Garden seeds will be available around mid-March 2018.

Oftentimes we experiment with new seed varieties.  This way we can offer our customers the best seed options for growing conditions in the Duluth and Superior area.

Check our website early in 2018 to see which seeds we are offering!

Email us with questions:



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Mother’s Day & SGG Gifts

Mother’s Day – this Sunday

Give Mom a Container Gardening Kit or Seeds

Help Mom celebrate Mother’s Day by giving her a Sydney’s Green Garden (SGG) container gardening kit, or some seeds.  SGG seeds and container gardening kits are now available online and at the Bookstore at Fitgers, Mount Royal Foods, and Engwalls in Hermantown.  When you shop at our online store, your purchases are conveniently delivered to your door!

SGG containers are made of plastic that is designed to hold up for many years, so it is a gift that is useful and long-lasting.

 SGG 2017 seeds


We offer Blue Lake, Jade, Kentucky Blue, Kentucky Wonder, and Rattlesnake Pole Beans.  If you like bush bean plants, try our Purple Queen Bush – they’re fun to grow and easy to see on the plants – and yes, they turn green when you cook them.  You’ll love the unique colors on the Rattlesnake beans, too.


This year we have Cylindra Long Red and Chioggia Beets.  The growth habit of these root vegetables make them ideal for container gardening.


Containers are a great place to grow carrots as well.  This year we offer Bolero, Mokum, Yaya, Purple Haze, and Tender Sweet.  Since carrots can vary in taste, try a few varieties – you’re sure to find one or two family favorites!  Carrots make a tasty snack while you’re puttering in the garden – kids love ’em, too!

Healthy carrot

Swiss Chard

Sydney’s Swiss Chard Blend is easy to grow and adds some nice color to your container garden.  These colorful leaves will spruce up your salad and other dishes.


Cucumbers are so delicious when they’re fresh – try our Bush Pickle, Fanfair, and Tasty Green Cucumbers.  The Bush Pickle makes great pickles, and the Tasty Green are so delicious eaten fresh from the garden.


Sweet Basil, Cilantro and Dill are staple herbs every gardener should grow.  Grow enough basil to add to fresh salads throughout the summer and to make pesto – nothing beats fresh pesto!!  Cilantro is a great addition to salads and salsa – you can actually add it to many dishes.  At the end of its growing season you may get seed pods – now you have coriander – it’s the plant that keeps on giving!


Our lettuces are picked with care, and therefore grow very well in containers in the Northland.  Black-seeded Simpson is a great heirloom variety.  We also have Oakleaf Loose Leaf, Parris Island Romaine, Super Red Romaine, and Sydney’s Loose Leaf Gourmet Salad Blend.  Sydney’s Loose Leaf Gourmet Salad Blend is a delightful combinations of flavors and colors.


We have found that these peas do well in containers:  Mammoth Melting Snow, Oregon Giant Snow,Sugar Ann, Super Sugar Snap, Sugar Sprint peas.  Mammoth Melting and Oregon Giant are great in stir-fry.  Our snap peas are delicious eaten fresh or cooked – when you choose Sugar Sprint you are enjoying a pea that has almost no strings.



Big Max and Baby Pam are fun pumpkins to grow with the kids – how big does your pumpkin grow?


Carmel is the newest addition to our spinach lineup – we think you will enjoy it.  You can also try our Bolero, Menorca, Space, and Unipack 151 – all of these spinach varieties grow well.

Over the years you may have noticed that we no longer offer certain seed varieties – perhaps it was a favorite of yours.  Some years commercial growers experience crop failure of a certain variety and it is no longer available.


Two favorites, Sebring Yellow and Spineless Beauty Summer squashes are a great addition to your container gardening fun.  Did you know squash blossoms are edible?  They are – but if you eat a blossom that’s one less squash you’ll have at harvest (oh, it’s so worth it, though).  Besides, don’t many people struggle to give away summer squash because the plants produce so many?

Mom is sure to love her SGG container garden and seeds 🙂

Happy Planting!




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Beautiful Squash


We cleaned up the garden by Midi this week.  There were plenty of grape and yellow tomatoes and they were so tasty!  The squash featured on this post was glowing in the sun – it’s not there today – we hope Chef was able to use it in a dish!

Next or the following week we will harvest beets, carrots, and potatoes – all should be delicious.

We still have some great herbs growing!  Our oregano, basil and chives are still looking healthy – we can use them fresh and dry some, too!  Next week we’ll harvest coriander seeds.

We hope you’re getting a plentiful harvest from your garden – we are.

In a few short weeks we’ll clean up the containers and the garden area in preparation for winter’s rest – it’s good to give ourselves and the garden a rest after a busy summer, right?

Enjoy these mild autumn days.

Your friends at SGG



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Midi has Fresh Produce

Gardening Friends,

SGG garden at Midi is growing great with all the great gardening weather this summer (I’m including some pictures of the container gardens here at Midi Restaurant where the plants are big and healthy)!IMG_9067IMG_9062

Midi uses some of the fresh produce throughout the summer growing season.  Peas, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, squash, and spinaches all did very well.

Fresh off the vine tomatoes are so delicious.  The spinach and lettuce combined with tomato, squash and little cilantro make for a zesty and fun salad – our Sydney’s Gourmet Salad Blend has variety of color and flavor, as well as texture.

Of course the herbs need mentioning – cilantro, dill and oregano all look great!  We planted lots of basil – who doesn’t love basil? Just touch the basil and you can enjoy its aromatic splendor – then you have to pick some to eat!

Soon Midi will have a great harvest of potatoes and pumpkin in addition to all the other veggies that are still producing.

Isn’t it amazing how much you can grow in a small space!  SGG solves the problem of a small growing area.

If you don’t have a container garden this summer, consider it for next year – if you have some, enjoy your garden produce!

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Pick More to Grow More

Hello gardeners,

Now is a perfect time to reap the benefits of all your hard gardening work – pick that produce!  The more you pick, the more your plants will produce for you.  Beans, peas, cucumbers and squash are in season right now.

We have some recipes on this website you might like to try.  It’s always fun to try new recipes.  You can also find many great recipes online and in cookbooks.  Experiment – that way you won’t get tired of eating plain beans, etc.

We’ve included some photos of the beautiful garden outside Midi Restaurant.


2009-03-17 23.58.502009-03-17 23.58.422009-03-17 23.58.12

Eat your vegetables!

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Garden at Midi

Midi’s container gardens are looking good.  The plants are loving this warm, humid weather.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer.  Your garden is probably looking good, too!  Pick those veggies while they’re fresh – they’re so much tastier when they’re fresh, right?

Warm days with little rain require us to water the gardens a bit more often.  The plants love a gentle rain to keep their roots moist and thriving.

Stay tuned for pictures!



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Grandma’s Marathon & Father’s Day

Hello Gardening Friends,

Saturday is Grandma’s Marathon and it is pretty exciting here at Fitger’s.  Good luck if you’re running in Grandma’s.  When you’re out and about on the Lakewalk be sure to check out the Midi Garden.

Sunday is Father’s Day – make it special – perhaps a stroll along the Lake walk – enjoy!

Last week was a busy week at SGG.  We planted 66 containers in the Midi Garden!  The larger ones have seed potatoes.  Carrot, spinach, lettuce, pea, bean, beet, pumpkin, squash, cucumber, basil, dill, and cilantro seeds (many varieties) kept us planting for several hours.  We also set in some plants: tomato, oregano, peppers, and chives.

Luckily we had ample rain for a week so watering was taken care of for us and some of the seeds are germinating – exciting times at the Midi Garden, for sure!  Sydney’s Gourmet blend, Black-seeded Simpson, Super Red Romaine, Parris Island and Oak Leaf lettuces are up.  Unipack 151, Menorca, and Bolero Spinaches are also up.

Even though it may be a little late for the spinaches, we decided to give it a go since we’ve had cooler weather for June than is typical.  We’ll let you know the verdict on planting spinach later than is recommended.

Since Midi is a Mediterranean restaurant we added chives and oregano to our herb lineup this year – who doesn’t love fresh oregano and chives in their salad?  Tom also requested we plant lots of basil – so we did!  Salads and other dishes will taste extra special this growing season at Midi.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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Memorial Day Good Time to Plant

Hello Friends/Fellow Gardeners,

Memorial Day weekend is here. Be sure to stock up on SGG container garden kits and seeds. After a hectic day at work, what better way to wind down than to do some gardening? Besides, warmer and longer days make us want to be outdoors.

As you know, ease and convenience are key components of Sydney’s Green Garden products. After the initial work prepping for planting, container gardens are relatively maintenance free, with the exception of regular feeding and watering during dry spells.

Our seeds and kits are available online and at three Duluth locations: Mount Royal Market, Engwall’s Greenhouse in Hermantown, and at the Bookstore at Fitger’s. If you attended any of Scott’s vegetable container gardening workshops you can redeem your percent off coupon at the Bookstore at Fitger’s. Do consider taking a workshop next spring to get a percent off coupon, if you didn’t get to one this year.

After Memorial Day, Scott will plant the vegetable containers just outside of Midi Restaurant right here at Fitger’s – be sure to check it out if you shop or dine here. We’re just a short climb up the stairs from the Lakewalk if you’re out and about and have a few minutes to stop by.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments either here on the blog, or at:

Happy Memorial Day!

Your Friends at SGG

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Container Garden Kits for Mother’s Day

Hi Sydney’s Green Garden Friends,
Container gardening kits make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts – one that keeps on giving over the years – she will only need to buy seeds and some planting soil in future years. The containers are designed to provide many years of planting pleasure! What better way to say, “I love you, Mom”, than to give her a container gardening kit?

Last week Scott gave two Whole Foods Coop workshops – one at 4th Street and the inaugural workshop at Denfeld. Turnout was great – everybody had fun and learned a lot about container vegetable gardening. Scott gave out vegetable seeds and planting guides to all participants.
Good news – Sydney’s Green Garden kits and seeds are now available online at this site, at Engwalls Florists & Greenhouse in Hermantown, Mount Royal Market, and of course at The Bookstore at Fitger’s.
The next few weeks will be busy for gardeners as they prep their gardens and containers – hopefully you can get outside and get your gardening started soon . . .
Until next time,
Happy Mother’s Day – and happy garden prepping!

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Container Gardens and Giving Back

Happy Friday, Gardening Friends,

It’s been a chilly start to April but that doesn’t need to stop us from getting ready for planting. That’s the wonderful thing about using containers to grow vegetables and other plants – they don’t take up as much room. But more importantly, they’re much less labor intensive than even an average sized garden and you can do some of the prep work indoors in a garage if you choose. Another positive attribute of container gardening is the bountiful harvest that you can get from 12-inch containers.

Sydney’s Green Garden offers containers that are resilient to extremes in weather – they’re built to last, and they look great, too!  Scott has also tested many different seeds over the course of several summers to determine the best varieties to grow in containers, as well as for our climate.  Seeds, kits, and containers are available for purchase on this website, at The Bookstore at Fitger’s, and at Mount Royal Fine Foods.

Giving back to the community is a great way to be involved and help. Scott likes to give container gardening workshops throughout the Duluth and Superior region. He does this free of charge – when a monetary fee is given, he donates it to Northern Lakes 2nd Harvest Food Bank. He believes it’s important to give back whenever we can – what a great way to show you care by helping to feed the hungry in our own neighborhoods!

His philosophy carries over to his business by helping people to feed themselves by growing healthy, pesticide and herbicide free vegetable plants.

If you ever have an opportunity to catch one of his workshops, you’ll be hooked on container gardening. He has two upcoming workshops:
April 26, 6 PM, Whole Foods Coop – 4th Street location
April 28, 6 PM, Whole Foods Coop – NEW Denfeld location

We welcome your questions and comments:

Enjoy your weekend,
From your friends at SGG

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Check Out Our New Seeds!

Hello Gardening Friends,

The wait is over! Sydney’s Green Garden products are now available at The Bookstore at Fitger’s and at Mount Royal Fine Foods here in Duluth.

Once again we offer four different container kits that are sure to fit your gardening needs. Each kit contains seeds, a rain gauge, planting guide, and growing containers that are designed to withstand heat, wet, and cold much longer than your typical growing container like those found at discount stores. Container gardening kits we offer: 12-pack, 6-pack, 3-pack herb, and 3-pack salad

We offer the following seeds ( * denotes new this year ):

Beans: Blue Lake, Jade II, Kentucky Blue, Kentucky Wonder Pole, Purple Queen Bush, and Rattlesnake Pole
Beets: Cylindra Long Red and Touchstone Gold
Carrots: Bolero, Mokum, Nelson, *Rainbow Mix, and *Tendersweet
Swiss chard: Sydney’s Swiss chard Blend
Cucumber: *Bush Pickle, Fanfare, and Tasty Green
Herbs: Sweet Basil, Cilantro, and Bouquet Dill
Lettuce: Black-seeded Simpson, Oakleaf Loose Leaf, Parris Island Romaine, Super Red Romaine, Sydney’s Loose Leaf Gourmet Salad Blend
Peas: Mammoth Melting Snow, Oregon Giant Snow, Sugar Ann, Sugar Snap, and Sugar Sprint
Pumpkin: Big Max and Casper
Spinach: Bolero, Menorca,*Space, and Unipack 151
Squash: Sebring Yellow and Spineless Beauty Summer

Now is a great time to plan to grow your own vegetables – be sure to pick up your SGG vegetable seeds and kits at one of the Duluth locations listed above. Or, for your shopping convenience, place your order here on our website and have them delivered right to your door.

We welcome your questions:  email us at

Your Friends at SGG

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Container Gardening Workshop Update


Last night’s community ed container gardening workshop was a success!  People asked lots of questions; it was a lot of fun.

Two more container gardening workshops are scheduled at Whole Foods Coop – (April 26, 6 pm at the 4th Street location – April 28, 6 pm at the NEW Denfeld location).  Hope to see you there – be sure to register early as it usually fills up fast.

Container gardening kits and seeds are now available at the Bookstore at Fitger’s.  Later this week you can get your kits and seeds at Mount Royal Grocery.

We’ve had unseasonably warm temps and it puts us in the mood to work the soil and plant some seeds – ah, we have to wait a few more weeks though!

Have fun dreaming about gardening,

Your friends at Sydney’s Green Garden