Sydney’s Green Garden is closed for now — thank you for your patience and we look forward to working with you in 2021.

You are embarking on a new adventure, whether you have gardened before or not.

Container gardening is a smart way to garden, it has many intelligently designed aspects to it. But the most important thing I wish to share with you is my commitment to a game-changing event that is going to just grow and grow. People are going back to touching something special in their lives, maybe for green purposes, maybe for food and health, maybe for self-sufficiency, but they are all looking for their new footprint in the coming future. They are looking for some control over their efforts and outcomes.

It starts when you reach for something, like this kit, for whatever reason you are at this place now and I want you to know that our commitment in this is both sincere and long lasting.  I am committed to making really green long-term differences in both a lifestyle and an impact to our environment.

Today it is called container gardening, but in the future it will be more likely known as lifestyle gardening.  Not just growing fresh healthy clean food, but also interfacing with the way materials are produced, manufactured, recycled, delivered and discarded.

Our Kit is designed to go on such a path.  Since it is made of such materials and is designed to consider in-depth outcomes.  Your outcome is guaranteed to meet the promises we made to you when you bought into our product line.

We will start from where we stand today and grow our answers and results as we discover and develop better and more effective ways to do this.  We call it shades of green.