Monty Goldfine was a community leader and believed that every company had to pay their community rent. He was a great man from my hometown and I learned this from him personally. I agree. We think this is very important and it is this type of thinking that is at the center of our mission.

Sydney’s Green Garden is not just about selling a product. It also promotes a sustainable, environmentally conscious lifestyle. We are working in conjunction with charities and local food shelves. While it is important to give food to people who need it, we also think it is valuable to teach them how to grow their own food. Just think about the paradigm shift. Someone very important said ‘you can give the people fish for a day or you can teach them how to fish for a lifetime.’ Now you can grow a garden anywhere and provide food for your family for a lifetime. What a great feeling. We also are developing much larger community gardens which will help by not only feeding communities in the United States but around the world where resource, knowledge, and good soil is an issue.