Sydney’s Green Garden FAQ’s

What can I do if I don’t have full sun for my containers?
Many of the vegetables in your kit will grow in partial shade.  The most sun will be needed by the cucumbers, beans and peas.  Lettuce and spinach will require the least sun. The nice thing about having containers is that you can rearrange them to fit your individual location.  We have provided a great suggested plot plan, but it is your garden so arrange it in a way that works the best for you.

Do I have to water my containers every day?
It is a good idea to keep your containers moist by watering daily until the seeds have sprouted and the plants are well established.  Daily watering is also very important when temperatures are warmer and the plants are larger during mid summer.  This doesn’t take long and it will become one of your favorite morning activities as you watch your plants ‘magically’ grow.

Why do you have different kinds of lettuce?
Some types of lettuce grow better at different times of the year.    We have provided early season varieties for your first planting and then romaine and summer crisp varieties for your second planting.  These second varieties will grow and taste better during the heat of summer.  All of these lettuces are much more nutritious than the ‘iceberg’ lettuces which are so common in the U. S.

Are the containers big enough for the carrots?
We have selected a mini-core carrot that will work well in these containers.  This variety can be harvested when it is small; about 2-3 inches and it is a favorite for kids.  You may also want to let some grow longer and then harvest them when they are 6-8 inches in length.

Beets and Swiss chard look very similar.  How are they different?
Good question. Beets and Swiss chard are closely related.  The big difference is that the beet forms a delicious edible root…the beet.  Swiss chard is grown for the colorful stems and deep green leaves.  Both beet and Swiss chard leaves can be added raw to salads, but most people will steam them and add them to favorite recipes. Both are extremely nutritious and you want them to become a family favorite.

Will I have to thin my vegetables?
Another good question.  You will need to thin your carrots and beets so that they have room to grow.  Thin the carrots to about two inches and the beets to about 3 inches.

Both the Swiss chard and the beets have a ‘multi-germ’ seed, which means that you will get several plants from each seed.  If you see two or more seedlings (small plants) growing right next to each other you will have to thin them to one plant.

There are 12 containers but 15 packets of seeds.  What do I do with the 3 remaining seed packets?
These are succession vegetables for containers 2,3, and 4.  Succession planting means that after the first vegetable in container 2,3, and 4 have bolted, (or about 45 to 60 days after the first planting), you will plant a second vegetable in container 2,3, and 4

Do I use all the seeds in the packets?
No, seed according to planting guide.  We have given you more     seeds for every vegetable which you can plant in additional containers, in place of a vegetable you do not like or you can give the seeds to friends so they can start their own garden.

What if my seeds do not grow?
Try a 2nd planting with the additional seeds provided and follow planting instructions.  Make sure plants are watered properly.  If you do not have any seeds left, return the seed packets and we will replace them free of charge.  Send to:

Sydneys Green Garden
600 E. Superior St.
Duluth, Mn. 55802-2222

What do I do for seeds this year?
You will have the choice of purchasing any variety of seeds separately.  We will have these listed on our web site and will be available in February.

Can I plant more of one vegetable than what is listed in the planting guide?
Yes, that is why we have given you more seeds.  If you want to plant an additional container of minicor carrots instead of the swiss chard, that is your choice.  Remember to keep the taller plants (peas and beans) on the north side of the garden. If it’s too late to plant the spinach, plant a lettuce in place of that.

What benefits to I receive if I become a member?
You will be able to email us questions and we will get the answers to you.  You will also be able to post your own recipes on the recipe exchange page.  We will contact all members for next years seed order.

Can I request to be taken off the email list?
Yes.  Just email us with your request and we will delete you from the contact list.

Do you share your email list with anyone else?
No, and we never will.