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Vegetable Container Gardening Workshops

SGG Vegetable Container Gardening

Sydney’s Green Garden Workshops

Hi everyone, vegetable growing season is almost here!

Workshops Now Available

Because I am passionate about helping others and teaching them how to improve their lives, I have two vegetable container gardening workshops coming up:

1st Workshop

When & Where:

On Thursday, at 6 pm, Apr 26, at Ordean East Middle School, located at 2900 E 4th Street, Duluth, MN

2nd Workshop

When & Where:

On Tuesday, at 6 pm, May 8, at Whole Foods Coop, located at 610 E 4th Street, Duluth, MN

Why Attend?

In these hour-long presentations, we’ll go over the benefits of growing your own vegetables.  I’ll also provide you with instructions for planting in containers.  Many of you may have questions – I am always happy to answer questions!

What Do You Get?

You will receive:

1 Durable plastic planting container

1 Packet of seeds

1 Planting guide

 Grow a Vegetable for a Healthier You 

We are much healthier when we eat enough vegetables.  Eating fresh vegetables from your own garden is even healthier because you know what’s been growing in your pot, and what is not.  Growing plants in containers is far easier than maintaining large, or even small garden plots.  Why?  You really don’t get weeds in your containers the way you do in a regular garden.  Containers are also easier to water because it’s a much smaller space than a row in a garden plot.  There’s much less water waste, too!

Who Should Attend?

Just about anybody can grow vegetables.  What if I live in an apartment or don’t have a big yard, you ask?  My container gardening system is designed especially with small spaces in mind.  As long as you can place your planted containers in a sunny location every day, you can grow your own vegetables.

Good Steward

I’m a good steward of the earth and believe in giving back to my community.  I donate all the course fees to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.  It’s a great organization that works to collect food for hungry people in our own neighborhoods.

These sessions are fun and informational and I hope to see you there!

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Memorial Day Good Time to Plant

Hello Friends/Fellow Gardeners,

Memorial Day weekend is here. Be sure to stock up on SGG container garden kits and seeds. After a hectic day at work, what better way to wind down than to do some gardening? Besides, warmer and longer days make us want to be outdoors.

As you know, ease and convenience are key components of Sydney’s Green Garden products. After the initial work prepping for planting, container gardens are relatively maintenance free, with the exception of regular feeding and watering during dry spells.

Our seeds and kits are available online and at three Duluth locations: Mount Royal Market, Engwall’s Greenhouse in Hermantown, and at the Bookstore at Fitger’s. If you attended any of Scott’s vegetable container gardening workshops you can redeem your percent off coupon at the Bookstore at Fitger’s. Do consider taking a workshop next spring to get a percent off coupon, if you didn’t get to one this year.

After Memorial Day, Scott will plant the vegetable containers just outside of Midi Restaurant right here at Fitger’s – be sure to check it out if you shop or dine here. We’re just a short climb up the stairs from the Lakewalk if you’re out and about and have a few minutes to stop by.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments either here on the blog, or at:

Happy Memorial Day!

Your Friends at SGG