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Seed Time Soon


Happy 2019

It is Seed Time Soon!!

You’re probably tired of the cold and snow and it’s only January, that’s why we’re excited it’s seed time.

We’ve received most of our seed catalogs and will order for 2019 in upcoming weeks. Looking forward to testing some new varieties for next year.  This year we will offer for sale some of the varieties tested in 2018.  We will offer varieties of beans, beets, carrots, chard, cucumber, herbs, lettuce, peas, pumpkin, spinach, and squash.

Container gardening is beneficial for several reasons.  It takes less space than a conventional garden – if you have a small driveway or deck, you can grow vegetables in containers.  Since your plants are contained in a smaller area, weeds are not a problem because you can easily pluck them out.  You save on water because only the containers receive water, unlike a garden plot where the whole thing needs water.  In inclement weather (frost, heavy rain, high winds) the containers can easily be moved or covered if necessary.  Disease and insects oftentimes invade plants in garden plots and can be difficult to eradicate – containers are much easier to work with because you can treat and move those with problems away from the rest of the plants.

Last summer we experienced lots of warm days – many plants love it warm so they grew very well – we’re hoping for another warm summer so we can share .

Many containers, many good veggies

This year we want to offer something new for our Sydney’s Green Garden fans.  We’re looking for researchers for a couple different vegetable seed varieties.  We’ll give two or three people some seeds to plant and take care of – you can harvest and keep what you grow, or donate to local food shelves.  Check back soon as we give more details of this research opportunity!

Dream of planting 🙂



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