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Mother’s Day 2018



Mother’s Day is this Sunday

Give Mom a Container Gardening Kit or Seeds

Help Mom celebrate Mother’s Day by giving her a Sydney’s Green Garden (SGG) container gardening kit, or some seeds.

SGG seeds and container gardening kits are now available online, and at the Bookstore at Fitger’s, and Engwalls in Hermantown.  When you shop at our online store, your purchases are conveniently delivered to your door!

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SGG Containers

SGG containers are made of plastic that is designed to hold up for many years, so it is a gift that is useful and long-lasting.  Mom will love a Mother’s Day gift of planting containers.

 SGG 2018 seeds


We offer Blue Lake, Kentucky Blue, Kentucky Wonder Pole.  If you prefer bush bean plants, try our Purple Queen Bush – they’re fun to grow and easy to see on the plants – and yes, they turn green when you cook them.  You’ll love the pretty bluish color on the Kentucky Blues, too.


This year we have Cylindra Long Red and Chioggia Beets.  The growth habit of these root vegetables make them ideal for container gardening.


Containers are a great place to grow carrots as well.  This year we offer Danver, Nantes Scarlet, Rainbow Blend and Tendersweet.  Since carrots can vary in taste, try a few varieties – you’re sure to find one or two family favorites!  Carrots make a tasty snack while you’re puttering in the garden – kids love ’em, too!

Healthy carrot

Swiss Chard

Sydney’s Swiss Chard Blend is easy to grow and adds some nice color to your container garden.  These colorful leaves will spruce up your salad and other dishes.

Swiss Chard


Cucumbers are so delicious when they’re fresh – try our Bush Pickle, Bristol, and Speedway.  The Bush Pickle makes great pickles, and Bristol are delicious when eaten fresh from the garden.



Sweet Basil, Cilantro and Dill are staple herbs every gardener should grow.  Grow enough basil to add to fresh salads throughout the summer and to make pesto – nothing beats fresh pesto!!  Cilantro is a great addition to salads and salsa – you can actually add it to many dishes.  At the end of its growing season you may get seed pods – now you have coriander – it’s the plant that keeps on giving and what a great time to give it – for Mother’s Day!


Our lettuces are picked with care, and therefore grow very well in containers in the Northland.  Black-seeded Simpson is a great heirloom variety.  We also have Salad Bowl Red, Parris Island Romaine, Super Red Romaine, and Sydney’s Loose Leaf Gourmet Salad Blend.  Sydney’s Loose Leaf Gourmet Salad Blend is a delightful combinations of flavors and colors.


We have found that these peas do well in containers:  Mammoth Melting Snow, Oregon Giant Snow, Sugar Ann, Super Sugar Snap, Sugar Sprint peas.  Mammoth Melting and Oregon Giant are great in stir-fry.  Our snap peas are delicious eaten fresh or cooked – when you choose Sugar Sprint you are enjoying a pea that has almost no strings.



Baby Pam are fun pumpkins to grow with the kids – how delicious is your fresh pumpkin straight out of the garden?  Do you love pumpkin seeds?  So do we!  What a wonderful treat that is nutritious, too!!


Olympia and Unipack 12 hybrid are the newest additions to our spinach lineup – we think you will enjoy them.  Bolero is one of our all-time favorites, and we’re happy to say all of these spinach varieties grow well.

Over the years you may have noticed that we no longer offer certain seed varieties – perhaps it was a favorite of yours.  Some years commercial growers experience crop failure of a certain variety and it is no longer available.



Two favorites, Sebring Yellow and Spineless Beauty Summer squashes are a great addition to your container gardening fun.  Did you know squash blossoms are edible?  They are – but if you eat a blossom that’s one less squash you’ll have at harvest (oh, it’s so worth it, though).  Besides, don’t many people struggle to give away summer squash because the plants produce so many?

Yellow Squash

Mom is sure to love her Mother’s Day gifts of SGG container garden kits and seeds 🙂

Happy Planting!