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Grandma’s Marathon & Father’s Day

Hello Gardening Friends,

Saturday is Grandma’s Marathon and it is pretty exciting here at Fitger’s.  Good luck if you’re running in Grandma’s.  When you’re out and about on the Lakewalk be sure to check out the Midi Garden.

Sunday is Father’s Day – make it special – perhaps a stroll along the Lake walk – enjoy!

Last week was a busy week at SGG.  We planted 66 containers in the Midi Garden!  The larger ones have seed potatoes.  Carrot, spinach, lettuce, pea, bean, beet, pumpkin, squash, cucumber, basil, dill, and cilantro seeds (many varieties) kept us planting for several hours.  We also set in some plants: tomato, oregano, peppers, and chives.

Luckily we had ample rain for a week so watering was taken care of for us and some of the seeds are germinating – exciting times at the Midi Garden, for sure!  Sydney’s Gourmet blend, Black-seeded Simpson, Super Red Romaine, Parris Island and Oak Leaf lettuces are up.  Unipack 151, Menorca, and Bolero Spinaches are also up.

Even though it may be a little late for the spinaches, we decided to give it a go since we’ve had cooler weather for June than is typical.  We’ll let you know the verdict on planting spinach later than is recommended.

Since Midi is a Mediterranean restaurant we added chives and oregano to our herb lineup this year – who doesn’t love fresh oregano and chives in their salad?  Tom also requested we plant lots of basil – so we did!  Salads and other dishes will taste extra special this growing season at Midi.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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