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Snowmobile Trailer Garden

I planted my snowmobile trailer garden on April 24th. I planted 22 containers of cool weather crops including peas, carrots, lettuces, and spinach. When freezing weather is forecast, I simply roll the trailer into the garage and wait until the temperature warms up. This way you can be eating fresh vegetables before many people even plant their gardens. You can put 54 containers on a 2 sled trailer. Check out the photo gallery for pictures.


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Article from the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank Newsletter Winter 2010

Fighting Hunger One Garden at a Time Each year, thanks to your support, our food bank rescues and distributes over 320,000 pounds of produce for our region’s non-profit agencies and families in need. But it never seems enough. Use at our region’s emergency meal programs (food shelves, soup kitchens, and shelters) and our food bank’s own direct service programs have increased 37% in the last two years making it difficult to keep up with demand. In April, entrepreneur and Duluth resident Scott Vesterstein approached our food bank with a unique idea. “What if we helped people grow their own produce?” he asked. With a donation of twenty container gardens by Scott and his Sydney’s Green Garden business our partnership began. Gene Johnson McKeever, one of our Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS) participants was one of the first people to receive a garden kit and soil donated by Engwall Florist, Garden and Greenhouse. “I grew my own food right in my backyard,” she said. “It supplemented my income and I had a sense of accomplishment, success and happiness. It was a good project.” Gene, like many people in our region find it expensive to eat healthy purchasing fresh produce on a limited income. “I have especially saved money on spinach which I eat weekly,” she explained. She said that Scott’s enthusiasm for gardening was “contagious.” “It’s rather fun and my garden didn’t take much time at all,” she said. “My daughter-inlaws are now also inspired to grow their own gardens next year and provide more vegetables for their children.” If you are interested in sponsoring an individual or family like Gene next spring, please feel free to contact our food bank (218) 727-5653 or email For more information about container gardening and Sydney’s Green Garden