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Midi has Fresh Produce


Gardening Friends,

SGG garden at Midi is growing great with all the great gardening weather this summer (I’m including some pictures of the container gardens here at Midi Restaurant where the plants are big and healthy)!IMG_9067IMG_9062

Midi uses some of the fresh produce throughout the summer growing season.  Peas, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, squash, and spinaches all did very well.

Fresh off the vine tomatoes are so delicious.  The spinach and lettuce combined with tomato, squash and little cilantro make for a zesty and fun salad – our Sydney’s Gourmet Salad Blend has variety of color and flavor, as well as texture.

Of course the herbs need mentioning – cilantro, dill and oregano all look great!  We planted lots of basil – who doesn’t love basil? Just touch the basil and you can enjoy its aromatic splendor – then you have to pick some to eat!

Soon Midi will have a great harvest of potatoes and pumpkin in addition to all the other veggies that are still producing.

Isn’t it amazing how much you can grow in a small space!  SGG solves the problem of a small growing area.

If you don’t have a container garden this summer, consider it for next year – if you have some, enjoy your garden produce!

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