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Beautiful Squash


We cleaned up the garden by Midi this week.  There were plenty of grape and yellow tomatoes and they were so tasty!  The squash featured on this post was glowing in the sun – it’s not there today – we hope Chef was able to use it in a dish!

Next or the following week we will harvest beets, carrots, and potatoes – all should be delicious.

We still have some great herbs growing!  Our oregano, basil and chives are still looking healthy – we can use them fresh and dry some, too!  Next week we’ll harvest coriander seeds.

We hope you’re getting a plentiful harvest from your garden – we are.

In a few short weeks we’ll clean up the containers and the garden area in preparation for winter’s rest – it’s good to give ourselves and the garden a rest after a busy summer, right?

Enjoy these mild autumn days.

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