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By container gardening with Sydneys Green Garden kit you will easily grow your own fresh, nutritious and pesticide free vegetables anywhere. Inside this kit you will find two varieties of peas, beans and carrots.  You will also receive cucumbers, five varieties of lettuces, basil and spinach.  The garden is only 3½ feet by 4½ feet. That’s less than 16 square feet in which you will grow 14 vegetables. All you need to do is plant, maintain and harvest your garden.

What the kit includes:

  • Twelve, 13-inch diameter quality lightweight durable containers.
  • Fourteen packages of quality vegetable seed specifically selected for your container garden including Sydneys Gourmet Salad Blend, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Parris Island romaine, Super Red romaine, Sydneys Swiss Chard blend, Tyee spinach, Basil,  Minicor carrots, Vitana carrots, Fanfare cucumbers, Sugar Snap peas, Sugar Sprint peas, Kentucky Blue Pole beans and Kentucky Wonder Pole beans.

** If you would prefer different vegetables, we will be happy to customize your 12 pack kit.  Just let us know which 14 varieties you would like and we will complete your order to your specifications.

     15 plant identification stakes.

  • Custom rain gauge.
  • Sydneys Green Garden planting guide containing easy to follow step-by-step directions from planting to harvesting your garden.

The following items are not included, as they are less expensive, more available for you to get from your local suppliers, than we can include in our kit without making the kit too cumbersome to ship.

What you will need to purchase:

  • 5 cubic feet (2 large bags) of potting soil such as Miracle Grow for the first year.
  • Eighteen 5 ft and six 4 foot bamboo stakes. The stakes need to be 3/8 inch in diameter or larger to hold in the soil.
  • One pound of all-purpose plant food such as Miracle Grow. I use Miracle Grow 24-8-16 (percentage of nitrogen, phosphate and potash) for all my vegetables.

You may have or can purchase a watering wand, small spade and watering pail for mixing the fertilizer. You can also use a pitcher if you wish.


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