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Winter Squash

winter-squashPlant squash seeds after last frost date.  The seeds will not germinate in colder conditions.  Fill the 13 inch round container with soil to one inch below the rim.  Plant 3 seeds one inch deep in the middle of the container.  Cover with soil.  You do not have to make a hill as the ‘container’ is your hill.  If you wish you can make a small hill in the middle of the container and plant the seeds in the hill.  When the squash seedlings are two inches high thin to one plant per container.  In larger containers you can have 2 to 3 plants per container.

Many winter squashes are of the vining type and require a lot of room.  You will not get as much of a yield per square foot with winter squashes compared to summer squashes; however, winter squash is a very good storage vegetable and can be stored in a root cellar or cool, dark place and will last throughout most of the winter.

Matures in 80 to 100 days, depending on the variety