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tomatoesBe careful of frost with tomatoes.  Plant tomato transplants after last frost date.  I find it easiest to purchase transplants rather than starting from seed.  The 13 inch by 10 inch round container is a perfect size.  Fill the container with 5 inches of soil and plant the transplant in the middle of the container.  Fill the container with soil to 1 inch below the rim of the container.

For indeterminate tomatoes, insert a tomato cage and weave four 6 foot stakes through the cage.  For determinate tomatoes you only need 4 foot stakes.  Tie the stakes to the cage for strength.  Also tie twine around the stakes at 3 feet and 5 feet for the indeterminates as these tomatoes will get tall.  I like to cut the 3 ends of the cage off so the first circle is the “bottom” of the cage and you can push this right to the bottom of the container for more strength.

A determinate is more like a bush, grows to a certain height, flowers and sets.  I have had good luck with Celebrities, Early Girls, and Roma.  I did not have good luck with Mortgage Lifter or Cherokee Purple.  I had moderate success with the Black Prince and will plant again because it has a unique look and taste.

An indeterminate is like a vine and continues to grow and give fruit throughout the growing season.  They will get very high and the wind may blow them over.  I tie them to a landscaping wall with twine.  You can add some larger rocks to the bottom of the container.  You can also surround the container with other containers.  My favorites are Super Sweet 100’s, Juliet, Yellow Plum and Sugary.

Mature in 60 to 75 days