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spinachPlant spinach seeds 2 to 3 weeks before the last frost date for your area.  In the south, this can be planted in the fall.  Fill the 13 inch round container with soil to one inch below the rim.   Make 4 rows 2 1/2 inches apart centered in the container.  Make your rows 1/2 inch deep.  Plant the seed about 2 inches apart in each row. Cover with soil.  You will not have to thin spinach if planted this way.

You can harvest spinach for use in salads or steam it as a cooked vegetable.  Spinach loves the cooler temperatures of spring and you can plant this as much as 4 weeks before your last frost date, but we suggest 2 to 3 weeks just to be safe.

As they say when spinach is done it is done.  This is not a good vegetable for succession planting because it does not grow well when the temperatures get too warm.  Enjoy it while you are able to.