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peppersPlant transplants after last frost date. Peppers are very sensitive to frost. We recommend purchasing transplants from a nursery. Fill the 13 inch round container with soil to 5 inches below the rim of the container. Remove the transplant from the container it comes in even if it is peat. This will allow the roots to expand. Try not to damage any of the roots and place in the middle of the container. Fill the container to one inch below the rim of the container making sure all of the roots are covered with soil.

Peppers grow fantastic in containers and like to be close together. You can even plant 2 pepper plants in the 13 inch container or use smaller containers. Harvest as they mature. Many will turn color very late in the season.

Some of our favorite peppers include:

*Mild peppers: Better Bell Reds, Golden Summer, Mini Bells, Valencia Orange Bells, and Hungarian Wax
*Medium hot: Jalapeno, Banana Hot Wax, Serrano, Hot Portugals, and Garden Salsa
*Hot: Thai, Cayenne, and Habanero

Matures in 60 to 80 days