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peasPlant pea seeds 2 to 3 weeks before last frost date.  Fill the 13 inch round container with soil to one inch below the rim.  Make one row down the middle of the container and a row 3 inches on each side of the middle row for a total of 3 rows in the container.  Make rows 1½ inches deep.  Plant seeds about 2 inches apart in each row.  Cover with soil.

There are many ways to stake your peas.  You can put three stakes equal distance from each other between the rows for a total of 6 stakes in the container.  I also will stake by inserting 3 stakes in the form of a triangle and tie them off at the top with a baggie tie or zip strip.  This gives the garden a neat look.  Compact the soil around the stakes.  For peas that do not grow so high such as the Sugar Sprint or Oregon Giant Snow pea, you can use 4 foot stakes.  For Sugar Snap peas you will need 6 foot stakes.  I like to insert the stakes when I seed.  If you add stakes later, try not to damage any of the root system.  During growing, just direct plants back to the stake if they stray. If they bulge, use twine to keep them in place.

Do not wait too long to harvest your peas because they get woody and will not taste as good.  Wait until the pea is starting to lump out of the pod and the pea is still green.  The more you harvest early, the more peas you will get.

Peas were originally found in an Egyptian tomb at Thebes and perfected by the British.  The edible pod varieties are relatively new and came from natural plant variation. Peas are a cool weather crop.