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Plant 2-3 weeks before your last frost date. Cabbage is a cool weather crop and will withstand freezes. It does not like warm weather and may bolt or rot during midsummer. We recommend purchasing transplants from a nursery. Fill the container with soil to 5 inches below the rim. Remove the transplant from the container it comes in even if it is peat. This allows the roots to expand. Try not to damage any of the roots and place in the middle of the container. Fill the container to one inch below the rim of the container making sure all the roots are covered with soil. Do not cover the stem with soil.

Cabbage plants like full sun. The most common is white cabbage but there is also red, purple and Chinese cabbage. Pick the heads when they feel solid and are full. You can squeeze the head to see if it is solid. If you have a cool storage area cabbage can be stored for some time. It can also be processed for Sauerkraut.

Matures in 60 to 75 days, depending on the variety