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Beans (Pole)


beans-polePlant after last frost date for your area. Fill the 13 inch round container with soil to 1 inch below the rim. Make one row down the middle of the container and a row 3 inches away on each side of the middle row for a total of 3 rows. Make rows 1½ inches deep. Plant seeds 2 inches apart. Cover with soil. Use 6 foot stakes for Kentucky Blue and 5 foot stakes for varieties such as Kentucky Wonder that do not grow as high. Insert three stakes equal distance from each other between the rows for a total of 6 stakes in the container.

I also will stake by inserting 3 stakes in the form of a triangle and tie them off at the top with a baggie tie or zip strip. This gives the garden a neat look. Compact the soil around the stakes. Pole beans will grow very tall.

Do not wait too long to harvest or they will become stringy and not taste as good. Start picking once the beans get to the diameter of a pencil and continue as beans mature. The more beans you pick early, the more beans you will get.

Pole beans are great because you can grow a lot of beans in a very small space. They taste better than bush beans, have higher yields and longer harvest periods, plus they are fun to watch grow.